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Guild Reorganization
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20th Jul 2014

Hello everyone. Now I know we've been discussing guild reorganization for awhile, And it is about to happened. The rank structure will be streamlined, and Fleet organization is going away. We are still discussing Trooper/Smuggler role within the guild. I will talk more about this. These are how the streamlined Ranks will go:
-Dark Lady

Now, a breakdown of the Ranks.

Dark Lady- Leader of the guild. Oversees all things and makes final decision in Guild Affairs and also puts together events and ceremonies.
Advisors- Made up of five members, The advisors keep the Dark Lady up to speed in all things during any time of her absence, and aware of things that may escape her notice. One of the Advisors will be known as the Training Master, and will be in direct control of all Masters and Below in all things concerning guild training and promotions. The other four will be made up of two Trooper/Smugglers and two Jedi.
Master/General- In charge of the Jedi Knights/Sergeants, the Masters will each oversee up to ten Jedi Knights. They are directly responsible for the Knights, and will oversee, but not interfere in (unless necessary) Padawan's training. Generals will put together squads, led by Sergeants, that will be the cornerstone of future guild operations.
Knight/Sergeant- Oversees Padawans/Soldiers. Knights will train their Padawans until they deem said Padawan redy for Knighthood. Once this is decided, the Knight will inform the Master, who will give the Knight a Trial to put their Padawan through. Sergeants will organize and train their squads in preparation for Operations.
Padawan/Soldier- The cornerstone of the guild, Padawans and Soldiers fill the ranks of the guilds and train hard to move up in the hierarchy. Our guild depends on them to do their part. Padawans conduct their training for future Knighthood. Soldiers conduct training as well in preparation for guild operations.

There it is. A breakdown of our soon to be guild structure. May the Force be with you.

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