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15th Jun 2014

This post is a work in progress.

Their are only a limited amount of positions available, so we need to consider carefully how to condense them to keep a diverse and interesting structure.

Dark Lady - That's Keellie, the guild master and Grandmaster of the Order. This is a lot of work, and she values greatly the people who are putting their time and effort into the revival of the order! You know who you are! Thank you!

Adviser - Since we are virtually an anarchistic rabble of Jedi, devilish(-ly handsome!) rouges and troopers, having a 'council' represents centralized authority too much; an adviser is charged with keeping the Dark Lady in the know about how the order and its members are doing.

Fleet Commanders - This position may be changed given that the Order is no longer going to use the fleet system we had.

Nightsister (Since there are males in this role now how about 'Nightblade'?) - These are the agents of the Dark Lady, trusted with duties that are not for the faint of heart or weak of mind.

Master/General - These people have captains or Seers assigned to them, this will allow for effective

Seer (agreed we should change this 'Adept'?)/Captain - This position will be renamed soon I think - I have put promising people here and asked them to recruit for the order.
The role here is to oversee Knights & Soldiers, making sure they are being looked after and have what they need.

Knight/Soldier - You are the Order's mailed fist, for too long we have been misunderstood as fanatics and heratics. That ends with you, bring our message to the ignorant masses. The Dark Jedi are back! And we are here to settle the score.
Padawan/Recruit - You start here. You should not be here for long, we will have trials soon!
If you feel you have been missed out please contact and advisor or the Dark Lady herself.

The light cannot defeat us, for every candle casts a shadow.

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4th Jul 2014

so there are three different groups with different ranks inside if them? and if so why? and i think you sould add the rank of 'Counselor' instead of seer/captain, just my suggestion though
Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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