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Inactivity Due to School and Homework
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24th Aug 2014

I'm starting my Freshman year, which people say is always the most difficult, so I'll be very inactive Monday - Thursday.

I start school tomorrow, which is August 25, 2014 here in Texas.

My school schedule is pretty good, Monday/Wednesdays I'm done by 12:30 PM CST
And Tuesdays I'll either be done by 12:30 as well or 3:00 PM.
Thursdays I'll be done by 3:00 and I get Fridays off.
But due to all the homework I'll be getting I might only be able to log in on Fridays and Weekends.
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25th Aug 2014

I feel your struggle, its what is keeping be from being on all damn day long

The light cannot defeat us, for every candle casts a shadow.

Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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