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How should we run Guild chat?

IC (with a seperate channel for OOC)
OOC (With rp just done in /say chat)
both (light rp in gchat alongside ooc talk)

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20th Jun 2014

There is some interesting discussion about what guild chat should be, without trying to represent peoples opinions they were if it would be OOC (With rp just done in /say chat), IC (with a seperate channel for OOC) or both (light rp in gchat alongside ooc talk).
If you can, please register and vote.

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22nd Jun 2014

In my guild on the Imp side, we have OOC and IC chat in gchat. OOC is simply marked with brackets.

Light RP is done in g-chat, largely in order to organize actual RP where our characters are face-to face.

It also helps to have a weekly scheduled RP. not necessarily a mandatory thing; simply a way to grow the guild's story.

One reason to HAVE the chats separate is to maintain friendships, even if our characters dictate that we should be foes. It also works vice-versa; allowing our characters to be allies even if we disagree with the player's views.

Essentially, separating the two chats is to keep ourselves and our characters as different individuals. They come from us, but don't necessarily represent us.
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