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Discussion on Dark Jedi
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15th Jun 2014

Please feel free to add your opinion to this thread.

As I have illustrated to many of our members, the term Dark Jedi has been used through out history as therm to cover Sith, Darkside users, those who are force sensitive but do not follow the Jedi teachings and more. In short, although it is mostly used for a Jedi who has lost their marbles and fallen completely, it really pertains to any force user who does not follow the Jedi code in the way that the council deems correct.
This means that those of us in the order are free to define what being a Dark Jedi is for ourselves. As I have maintained, Ardilina is a lightside Master who was outcast for learning knowledge that the Jedi council deemed dangerous. As a result hey exiled her from the order, labeling her a Dark Jedi, she now wears the title ot Dark Jedi with pride, as to her it means that she is free to practice and to teach unrestrained by foolish teachings.
I would be very interested in reading what being a Dark Jedi means to our members. If you have the time to post please do


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4th Jul 2014

For me a dark jedi is a Jedi that has be through Jedi training but in the end before or after he successfully finished his training. He has found the passion of the Dark Side and has embraced it, and no has a Sith master.
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