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Character Story and Background
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19th Jun 2014

Here we post our back story and any character information we feel is relevant. Mine will come soon.

The light cannot defeat us, for every candle casts a shadow.

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21st Jun 2014

((UPDATED July 14th))

Ardilina was once a Jedi master on the council on Corascant. She eimmersed her self in study, neglecting force training and saber combat, she learning much about the history of the force and the traditions that used it. She learned that the Jedi order was founded on violence, and how they exiled converted or destroyed all who disagreed. She uncovered the truth and presented it to the council, who in return outright denied her claims. The council, in their infinite and infallible wisdom, ordered Ardilina's findings of twenty years work sealed, locking them away. She was then barred from the Jedi order and named fallen and dark. Ardilina saw this as the actions of a scared council attempting to defaim and discredit her, her mind opened to the idea that the Jedi were afraid of her knowledge getting out, and therefore not adhering to the code. Ardilina was contacted by the Dark Jedi, without a place to go after her life and everything she had was taken from her, she gladly joined them. After some time she was soon hailed as the Grand Master of the Dark Jedi, after the Dark Lord Takon (former leader) went into exile to master his force technique (went inactive). The order grew to be very prosperous, challenging and defeating the strongest Jedi Orders on Tython, bringing them to their knees for their ignorance. After a time, however, conflict worked its way into the Orders ranks, the order disbanded for a time. Ardilina wandered the galaxy, by chance traveling to Dathomir where the nightwitches, who had visions of her approach were waiting for her- welcoming her with open arms.

She returned to Tython 6 years later, having escaped Dathomir with a prisoner she rescued from the Nightsisters, Grimarah, who was being tortured and soon to be executed. Ardilina could'nt accept that someone was going to be executed over a simple ideological disagreement and broke her free, leaving in the middle of the night with the incapacitated prisoner. Ardilina decided to return to the Jedi Order, so she went to the temple on Corascant, She found the temple in ruins; corpses and rubble stretched out before her where the temple she once served used to be. Those whose minds she sought to broaden with her teachings were dead and gone and she wept for them (Yes I know Lina has no eyes), for their ignorance and denial had blinded them to the Sith Empires return. She went to Tython, where the Jedi began and found the same lock headed ignorance. Ardilina knew what must be done, before the Sith can be defeated the Jedi must change. She returned again to the abandoned hidden Dark Jedi temple to find one solitary occupant, Major Redthorn, who saluted her crisply, awaiting her orders. "These halls will again throng with padawans and masters, the order will be reborn, we will be a beacon of truth in a sea of ignorance." she said to Red, lost in a glimpse the future had revealed to her.

Since then Ardilina has brought many to the steps of the hidden temple. Some have stayed to become master while others have taken what they will and moved on. After spending much time with Keellie, Lina decided that the Dark Jedi should have a New Dark Lady, to bring in new ideas and ways. Stepping down to the position of adviser to focus instead on teaching her padawans.
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The light cannot defeat us, for every candle casts a shadow.

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22nd Jun 2014

Sheid B'Makhzor is the "offspring" of Makhzor, an immortal Force-being from a parallel universe. In his home universe, Makhzor was one among millions of Force-parasites known as "Old Souls" ( ... com/wiki/Old_Souls), which were created in order to safeguard the balance of the Force by the Celestials.

Makhzor was pulled to this universe in a Sith Sorcerer's failed attempt at cementing his power base. Since then, Makhzor has grown in power and wisdom to the point of near-godhood.

In an effort to return to his goals and bring Balance to the Force, Makhzor created Sheid ( ... d_Soul_Reproduction) and placed him in the body of a newborn child on Coruscant. As Makhzor was unifying the Dark Side, Sheid was to unify the Light. They would then bring the two into an eternal war, thus ensuring that as the Dark Side grew with the pursuit of conflict, the Light Side would grow in pursuit of justice.

Unfortunately, there was a mistake during Sheid's creation, and he shunned the thought of Balance wrought through mortals. He instead clung to the ideas of a splinter group of Old Souls, the Void Apostles, that believed the only true way to balance the universe was to snuff out all forms of life.

At this time, Sheid is gaining the power and influence he needs to bring about the nihilistic goal of utter destruction; the quest to kill all things; the pursuit of the void.
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4th Jul 2014

Project Bio-Force

Report log 1:
Kaminoan bioengineering technology(cloning) at it's earliest phases, although perfected, lacked the potential for mass production due to lack of funding and resources. Imperial powers had decided to fund a cloning project in order to potentially mass produce genetically enhanced humans with aptitude in the force. This experiment although successful in genetically enhancing, failed in creating a force sensitive human.

Report log 2:
Through a series of failed clones, there was one especially scrupulous clone. This clone, code named Gamrage was made to tolerate unbearable levels of torture to test levels of force aptitude. Much rigorous testing to no avail. Although this clone showed no signs of force sensitivity, he showed much talent in strategic combat and military training. Imperial powers soon began to grow weary of prolonged testing with no progressive results. It became determined through observation that the lifespan of this super enhanced clone would be half of an average grown adult male lifespan. Although superior to an average human being, there was no sign that the project would lead to possibilities with the force. Unless it was possible to mass produce such a human, this technology would remain vain.

Report log 3:
Project Bio-Force is to be Terminated.

Report log 4:
Two sith(a master and his apprentice) and a squadron of Imperial troopers were to be sent to the Kaminoan Bio-Labs to erase any possible witnesses, and destroy existing evidence of what was to be considered "an embarrassment to the Imperial name." They were never to be heard from again.

Republic Sergeant's Log:
A new greenhorn has entered our ranks on Ord Mantell. He shows more promise than most of the saps that enter tryin' to make some easy creds. He do`en't seem to be in it for the same reason as everybody else. Simple fella' though. You tell em' ta do some'tin he does it.. Big fellar too..
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Gamrage - Vanguard
Beard - Scoundrel

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4th Jul 2014

Rugean is a jedi XD
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15th Jul 2014

Attura was a force sensitive (human) child from the start, instead of playing with her toys, she would levitate them and move them around without physical touch. It became clear to her parents that she wasn't an average child. A Jedi knight was sent to her town to investigate a disturbance in the force, finding nothing convincing, he returned to the council with nothing to report. Then the Sith came 3 years later, when Attura was 7 years old. The sith stormed the village, slaughtering innocent people. Finally arriving at her house, they saw Attura and her mother hiding in the corner. A Sith lord was about to cauterize Attura's mother when...

Attura, fearful, Hurled a desk lamp into his face, and threw him out of the house, causing him to fall onto a small power generator, which combusted and killed the Sith Lord, using only the force. Soon Jedi arrived after detecting another disturbance, to find Attura's village shredded, with only her and her mother surviving.

Attura was brought to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, where she was sent to a training ground to hone her skills in the force. 12 years later, her story continues...........
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18th Jul 2014

Klorian "Karetaker" Myrther

Klorian was born into the Myrther family, his father is the infamous Mercenary Kilious "Krackle" Myrther. Klorian disagreed with his father's way of earning money, murder and mayhem. Instead, Klorian saw opportunities where a profit can be made, where others saw a situation, Klorian saw credits. But his ways of obtaining these credits sometimes angered the wrong people, and soon there was a Bounty on his head; 1,000,000 Credits alive, 500,000 Credits dead.

Eventually Krackle holo called his son telling him that he's accepted the bounty on Klorian's head. Stunned that his father could do such a thing he went into hiding for 5 years planning and waiting for his father's strike. He realized that he can outsmart Krackle, Klorian always knew how to be careful and cover his tracks. That's why people call him Karetaker, he no longer answers to his real name, Klorian. Because of this, the rest of the story we will acknowledge him as "Karetaker."

Karetaker self taught himself how to use stealth to his advantage. With his new knowledge, Karetaker's always looking for a way to make the fight an unfair one to his advantage. He always says, "If you wanna be a Smuggler, you have to fight dirty. The Jedi and Republic Troopers use strategy and coordination to win their battles, we use guerrilla warfare to win ours."

Karetaker's goal was to make a name for himself, and then he found the Order of the Dark Jedi. From then on he decided that he will do his best to be to most hated person on the battlefield and to destroy the enemies morale. In this way, Karetaker hopes he'll leave his mark for the Order, and the galaxy, to see.

Karetaker is determined to prove himself to the Order that you don't need to be Force-sensitive to make a difference......
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21st Jul 2014

Smiles.Happy people.Storms.Lightning volts from afar. That is what Urtor remembers of his childhood. Born son of Lt. Balgossa of the Republicand a mandalorian huntress, Urtor and his rwin and few minutes older brother grew up on Hoth, with their father assisting the republic troops and their mother hunting kills and glory. Wampas used to attack their hut while they were alone, bit Edrox, 10 years old, usually drived em back meter by meter while his twin Urtor readed history holocrons comfy inside home. Once their mother didn't come back home. The brothers survived for long until a trooper on republic armor came to rescue them: their father Balgossa. Few years later, the twins became jedi padawans seeking power. Their master, Kamali'el, trained them for years on Tatooine. Urtor spent much of his time playing Dejarik while his brother tracker and killed Krayt dragona on the Dune Sea. ( to be updated with more)
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22nd Jul 2014

"Shyracks to B-8", said Urtor, looking at the Dejarik table with perplexity. His opponent was a smart one. But he could still win.
"Rancor to...", the rodian started talking, but was interrupted by the sound of a door opening. Both players looked at the entrance, from which emerged a tall, strong figure. His face had more scars than womprats on Tatooine. His mirialan tattoos were dark green, and with the exact same pattern as Urtor's. If it wasn't by the scars and the smell of sweat and blood coming from the man, nobody wouldn't say that is Urtor, but more mature ( Urtor is still a padawan in this part). " Little brother, it is disgusting to see you're wasting your time on this thrash pit playing stupid games. Mother would say this is disgusting.", it was Edrox, the Battlemaster's twin brother.
"Excuse me for a moment", said the padawan to the rodian. "I guess somebody still thinks studying and applying war tactics, even if it is on Dejarik, is something stupid. I know way more about the Order than you! I know the Jedi History! The ones that have fallen, the ones that have rised! Combat just... just isn't my thing."
"Funny",murmured Edrox. "Funny, really funny. I wonder why the Battlemaster would choose my twin brother, the only mandalorian that doesn't know how to fight in the galaxy, to be his padawan".
"Maybe because he chose you as well, and I'm your twin brother?"
"This is ridiculous. Anyways, Master Kamali'el has summoned you. He says he has a trial for you. Good luck, you'll need it."
The proud warrior left the cantina after gazing its band for a few moments, in which the music had stopped.
"Sorry", Urtor apologized, " but I gotta go. Here, take these creds and we're even, alright?"
The rodian nodded at him while he left the cantina as well.

Two powerful figures were standing like colossi on the Dune Sea. One of them, Edrox, wore his usual Jedi armor with some mandalorian attachments, and their master, Kamali'el, a smart human and the fastest lightsaber fighter in the galaxy, was in humble, brown robes. He gazed at Urtor, and slowly hissed:
"I expected you to arrive sooner."
"You shouldn't have expected him to even arrive, Master.", Edrox murmured, always speaking with disgust from his brother.
" I have a task for both of you", said the Jedi Master." Padawan Edrox, I want you to bring me another Krayt Dragon's head. This time, do not use the force to slay it."
"As you wish, my Master."
He left his master and his twin's presence and disappeared among the sands.
"Urtor... you have been... disappointing me. Your cantina and Dejarik friends are things Jedi must forget. So, I think you needed some action. I know you study the holocrons frequently. Let's see if you can use your knowledge on combat."
Urtor was with hands on his lightsaber hilt, poking the "turn on" button with despair.

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12th Aug 2014

=======================SUBJECT ANALYSIS===============================================
It was a god damn cold night when I found the fella layin' on the sands, and damn! He was so close to Death he could make a parlor dance with her. Anyways, a sandstorm had started a few hours earlier, and I went into hidin' into the first cave I found. Shared the cave with an angry Wraid that I got close to tamin', and I called him Punch. Well, because he spent his time punching rocks, trying to dig something, apparently. But this analysis is not about the Wraid. So, when the sandstorm finally stopped, I went deep in the Dune Sea to investigate. Usually, I can easily foresee such weather comin'. It wasn't natural. There was that... thing that was calling me deeper and deeper in the infinite sands of Tatooine. Something enraged, with a lust for blood and desperate. I spent some hours sittin' on my speeder, but I found the source of the call. I found a Sand People Tribe, far, far away from civilization. Their houses were on fire. The children, dead. The women were even more messed up than the children, with some missing limbs. Close to what seemed like a campfire, I found something like a Sand Person Shaman, the keeper of the Legends of the tribe. Well, too bad he couldn't tell any more stories. He'd need a head for that. Close to the corpses of a child and a woman, there was one warrior, still alive. He held his gaffi stick like it was everything he had. And it probably was."C'mere, fella" I said, "how do ya feel?"

He used his last strengths to toss the gaffi stick at me. Thankfully, I dodged it. After that, he fainted. I tought he had died since I can't see through the freaking mask, but I could feel his presence there. I spent the whole time our sand person buddy was "dreaming" to draw his language from his mind to mine, and to insert Basic on his thinkings, his thoughts. When he was almost wakin' up, I got him... well, I had to improvise some stuff there to make two persons fit on one speeder. For some hours, he was like the new front part of my speeder. Fortunately, he survived the trip, and I got him to a medbay. The docs and I had to take out his helmet to get him some water. Sand persons... I expected them to look more... alien-ish. He was already screaming a lot on the speeder, but when his helmet was taken off, he was like a wild animal. Anyways, I spoke to him in his language first, and tried to teach him some more of Basic while the docs were healing his wounds, almost as good as I would do. Unfortunately, dragging half a dictionary on a being's mind and extracting his entire language was really tirin'. He got cooperative. Said a man with a glowstick destroyed his village. Tricked them. He also said he was a Chieftain or something like that. I felt he could do pretty well with the force, what was tought to be impossible to a Sand Person. Brought him to Coruscant when he healed totally, and we got on a cantina to speak, and, maybe drinkin' somthin'. Then I got a call from Republic High Command. One of my old buddies from Knighthood was turning into a Rakghoul on Taris. Had to leave him there on his own. Gave him a lightsaber and told him to wait. Gave the bartender credits enough to feed his entire tribe for a month, and told her not to let anybody mess with the Sand Person, whose such name was "Eerdhorro". Irdoro, for short. Sounds way better. Solved the Taris mess with one less Jedi in the order, I got back to the good old cantina to find it empty. It was closed, what is strange, since it usually works for a whole Coruscant Day. I found the bartender some time later, and she told me Irdoro ran away and she lost him. Some days later, sightings of a Sand person on Tython were reported. How to heck did he get there? I have no idea. But I'm finishin' this record, 'cause I got a Sand person to find.

===============================ANALYSIS FINISHED=======================================
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Shalagar Legacy Entry 1
Reltez Shalagar
Reltez's life began on Tattooine, ((Which gave him an instant liking for Jawas)) as a child of a trooper, his father Rucer Shalagar, had always planned for him to follow in his footsteps, to be a Republic Trooper... Of course Reltez started learning how to fire a rifle at a very early age, and he always had a knack for getting hurt. A lot. But after years of growing up, one very unlucky day, some pirates came over and burned down Reltez's village, Reltez was out collecting food from the local market out side of town, and when Reltez saw his house in ashes, he rushed in and saw his brother, Runcter laying under a piece of burning wood, and when trying to get him out, a piece of the roof fell down, badly burning Reltez's face... All Reltez could salvage from his house was the rifle his father had given to him for his 10th birthday. Now, Reltez must wear a mask to survive due to his burns, and he serves endlessly for the Republic and searches across the galaxy for those unfortunate pirates who burned his home, wanting to get revenge for his family
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26th Sep 2014

Coruscant Information Services: General Galloran

Early life:

 Born on Coruscant, little of interest is known about Galloran's early life. He graduated high school and college with honors before enrolling in the officer academy at the age of 23.

Military career: 

Because of his physical stature, Galloran was placed in the Vanguard section of the school, but just being a walking fortress was never his ambition. In an interview later in his career, he said "I never really liked physical conflict, I mean, I was good at it, but I didn't enjoy it. I wanted to out-think my opponent,  I wanted to win the battle without having to resort to fisticuffs."

After 10 months in Vanguard training, Galloran moved to the tactics section of the school. 4 months into his training (BTC 28), he, along with many of his classmates, were called into active duty in response to the beginning of the Great War. Galloran initially was intended to be deployed as a Vanguard field officer, but following the sacking of Coruscant, the Republic found itself desperately short of tactics officers. To repopulate its ranks, many tactics savvy field officers were selected for transfer to strictly tactical positions, Galloran was one of the officers selected. 

During the war Galloran distinguished himself as willing to make difficult decisions for the greater good of the people of the Republic. He became known for saying that he was willing to sacrifice "As many lives as will be saved, minus 1." This cold, emotionless view of soldiering rubbed some in high command the wrong way, but most saw the necessity of his actions, even if they found the matter-of-fact way in which he did it to be heartless. Galloran was a 3 star general when the war ended, and seemed to be solidly a Republic military man for life. 

Illum Incident: 

A few months after the treaty of Coruscant,  the event would occur that has left Galloran shrouded in mystery. A small force of mercenaries, believed to be payed by the Hutts, invaded and captured a mining operation on Illum. They forced the 497 miners, at blaster point, to keep the the facility running, with the mercenaries taking all of the crystals, and presumably shipping them back to the Hutts. 

Galloran was placed in charge of the operation to free the miners, a seemingly relatively simple operation. However,  As Galloran was preparing his plans, he received a report that the mine had only 2 days of mineable crystals left. Fearing that the mercenaries would have no incentive to keep the miners alive after the crystals ran out, Galloran went to the senate and requested the troops and supplies that would be needed to launch an immediate attack on the mercenaries within the mining complex. The senate, however, was currently debating over how shipping costs between outer rim and coreworlds were to be distributed among planetary governments. The coreworld governments flatly refused to pay to ship the necessary soldiers to Illum, and due to some esoteric republic laws about privately funded solider transfers, affluent citizens on Illum were forced to wait 48 hours for an approval before the soldiers could be shipped. By the time the soldiers arrived on Illum, the crystals had all been mined, and the mercenaries blew up the mining complex, presumably to cover their tracks. All of the miners were killed.

The following day, Galloran released a video on the holonet blasting the senators for their incompetency and greed, and announcing his resignation. What made the video particularly notable were its final lines, "For 30 years I have sought to fight injustice and protect the people of the Republic, but I no longer can do it within the confines of this [the senate] corrupt, incompetent body. I will continue to fight evil: There are other groups out there, groups that will fight injustice and eventually defeat the Sith, because I am convinced this senate never will." Galloran left Coruscant in his private ship, and he hasn't officially appeared since that time.


Obviously a 3 star general resigning and then essentially saying he was going to join a group of shadowy vigilantes created quite the stir in the Republic. Many investigators, both professional and amateur sought to discover what "group" he had joined. There were many sightings in some of the most dangerous places in the galaxy: Oricon, CZ-198, Section X, Illum, Makeb that the investigators had to go on, but no solid conclusions were ever drawn. A few conspiracy theorists drew connections to the rogue Jedi Ardilina and legendary duelest Urtor, but most reputable sources dismiss the ideas as fanciful. Most believe that Galloran simply went to Nar Shadda and retired, but a few still hold on to second hand reports of his exploits across the galaxy and believe that he still is out there somewhere, fighting evil. 

"There are no shortcuts"... Said no programmer ever.

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