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Are we a 'Jedi only' guild?
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15th Jun 2014

In a word, no, we are not and I will explain how this works from an in game sense. The Dark Jedi began as a group of Jedi who were exiled from the Jedi order, many of us still fight for the republic, but on our own terms now. Many others, troopers and smugglers, other force users who never received training at the academy; have joind us as they do not (or never did) fit into the republic's military or under the Jedi's council. They join us as outcasts, misfits and criminals, only to become our brothers and sisters in arms. Force users in our order are not superior to those who are not force sensitive and may still make it to the rank of commander or adviser.

Further, Jedi often lead teams of special forces or work in concert with experts and other less legitimate professionals to resolve or accomplish things outside of the jurisdiction of authorities. In this way it makes perfect sense for us to house Smugglers and Troopers, we will rely on them to provide us with the talents that Jedi to not work on. Please try and make them feel valued and welcome, as they are an important part of the Order.


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Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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