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Welcome to the Hidden Temple of the Dark Jedi!

We are a moderate RP/Social guild with interests in all game content

Keellie is away on an important meeting with other prominent force adepts concerning a disturbance in the force. She may be back form time to time but for now has asked Ardilina and Urtor to watch over the Dark Jedi in her place. Lets work together to make the Dark Jedi stronger then ever for her return!

We have a guild HQ, it is at the moment small, designed for meetings, briefings and relaxing between missions. The more use our HQ sees the more time and money the leaders will put into improving the space and amenities offered. Karetaker is also interested in hosting some events and parties, and has a well equipped hold to do so in.

Lets recruit more people and expand our influence! 

Remember, you are what makes this guild valuable, WE make the community that WE want to be in, this includes events and role play style but also what kind of members we want to see in the guild, if you think you can add to it please do! We need people who will step up and help shape the future of this guild into a strong community.

At the moment we have simple rules.

  • Be friendly and respectful to other members.
  • Represent our Order well.
  • Encourage role play and enjoy the game!
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